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Across The Board is now brought to you by "Thrive Fantasy" (Thrivefantasy.com). Use code "Atb" at signup for a FREE $10 after first deposit.

We explain, in the podcast (https://anchor.fm/atbpodnet/episodes/Best-Bets---Thrive---DFS-e85776) what Thrive is and how to play it. Thrive is the best Daily Prop Fantasy game on the market. For example, a choice this week in Thrive is Chris Carson will have 101 yards rushing + Receiving. You then choose over or under and if you chose correct - you get points / you get points - you win. Below are the 10 picks that John "Spyder" Kaufman, Eric "Goose" Giessler and myself made on the Thrive Fantasy App.

*Listen to the podcast, link above, to hear our reasoning behind each pick*

Thrive Fantasy Picks

Player Stat Over/Under

1. Deshaun Watson 285.5 passing yards Over

2. Chris Godwin 85 receiving yards Over

3. Aaron Rodgers 259 pass yards Over

4. Mitchell Trubisky 22 completions Under

5. Chris Carson 101 rec+rush yards Over

6. Micheal Thomas 85 rec yards Over

7. Jared Goff 298 pass yards Under

8. Le'Veon Bell 66 rush yards Over

9. Jacoby Brissett 22 completions Under

10. Josh Jacobs 74 rush yards Over


Baker Mayfield - 3 total TD+INT combined - Over

CMC - 128 rush + rec yards - Over

DFS / FantasyDraft.com

DFS is damn tricky subject, but we are here to at least try and guide you in the right path this week. We went through and the three of us (finally) came to a consensus on a lineup using FantasyDraft.com (also available in the app store under Fantasy Draft).

Our explanation for each pick is in the podcast, once again, listed above!

The rainbow that leads you to the pot of gold

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